Bug Club – Premium Plans

Bug Club Membership Details

It’s so easy to join the “Bug Club”. We have put together a preventative treatment pest control plan that is affordable for everyone. Why wait until it’s a problem? Help keep it from happening in the first place by purchasing a preventative treatment membership. Protect your home and family.

  • Gold: 2500-3500 sq ft. 34.99 per month (Sign Up)
  • Diamond: 3500-5000 sq ft 44.99 per month (Sign Up)
  • Platinum: 5000+ sq ft is 55.99 per month (Sign Up)

Bug Club Large Homes Premium Membership includes…

Schedule a basic inside/exterior treatment for general pests in Wichita for only $69 – call (316) 943-2847.  From there on out it’s only a small fee per month (automatically recurring) to protect your home and family.

This includes…

  • 4 quarterly scheduled services including inside/exterior for general pests like ants, spiders, roaches and more.
  • 50% off our long term services like attic and crawl space dusting, ceiling , and wall void dusting.
  • 1 annual termite inspection for free
  • 50% off wildlife control, bed bug, or termite treatments

*After being on the bug club for one year get one free $69.00 service to give away to family or friends.